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    IGN; 130 IQ. What a happy day.


    130 IQ
    GFX Designer
    GFX Designer

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    IGN; 130 IQ. What a happy day.

    Post by 130 IQ on Tue Apr 10, 2012 10:38 pm

    In-Game Name:
    Experience being mod?:(Yes/No) On other servers, yes.
    Experience dealing with idiots?:(Yes/No) Haha, yes.
    Experience dealing with noobs?:(Yes/No) Yeah xD
    Exp. dealing with chaotic?:(Yes/No) I guess.
    Exp. dealing with bugs?:(Yes/No) I think so.
    Will you report everything to chaotic?:(Yes/No) Okeey, shure.
    Will you participate in the meetings/events we have?:(Yes/No) If i don't sleep or are in school.
    Do you think this application is big?:(Yes/No) Not that big.
    Do you think chaotic should lower this application?:(Yes/No) No need for it at the moment Very Happy
    Are you a support?:(Yes/No) Soon maby Smile
    Will you attend MOST court dates?:(Yes/No) If i knew the dates, hopefully.

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    Re: IGN; 130 IQ. What a happy day.

    Post by Chaos on Tue Apr 10, 2012 11:39 pm


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